George Clooney Does a Killer Andy Rooney Impression


MSNBC today provides us with a confusing, and perhaps even unsettling, home video of George Clooney in his hotel room while on a trip to Chad. In it, Clooney (whom Jossip suspects might be drunk, but we just think is slightly malarial) complains humorously about the bathroom and shower he has to deal with. “That’s the water bucket that you use to flush the toilet,” he explains, pointing to a scary-looking pail next to a completely normal-looking toilet. Seriously, George, we’ve seen worse bathrooms here in New York City. Have you ever been to Penn Station? (Of course not.)

The best part of the video comes near the very end, when the actor gets lost in a tangent about his hair. “I pay people to cut my hair. I pay them a lot of money,” he gripes. “You’d think it would last longer.” Then, he launches into the absolute best Andy Rooney impression we’ve ever seen. There’s a reason why this guy won an Oscar, people.

That’s the water bucket that you use to flush the toilet.” [MSNBC via Jossip]