Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Has Developed a Deep Understanding of the Economic Crisis Since Leaving Administration


Former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson has apparently developed a great deal of perspective on the financial crisis since his term ended. He may even have insight on how to fix it! But sorry, Geithner. You’ll have to wait until his book comes out to get it. Paulson has apparently signed a deal with Business Plus, the publishers of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, to write a book about the unfolding of the economic crisis and his role in it. “I didn’t come to Washington thinking I was going to leave and write a book, but this period was so significant and there are so many insights and so many lessons learned that I think an understanding of this extraordinary period is important,” Paulson told the AP the other day, adding that he plans on donating the profits to an organization that helps families in danger of foreclosure and will probably use a co-author, since “as much as I like to write, I have never written a book before.” Somewhat hilariously, he also mentioned he scored the deal by submitting a “five-to-six-page proposal,” which we would like to note is actually twice as long as the proposal he put forth to save the economy this past fall.

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