Jackman and Ferrara at the God of Carnage Opening


“If you’ve ever sat in bleachers where your child is competing against other children, with other parents, it’s a very volatile place to be,” Jeff Daniels, who relocated to his native Michigan some years ago, told us at yesterday’s God of Carnage opening night performance. “I mean, everybody has a blind spot for their own kid.” Daniels’s sons played hockey, but he says he never took a stick to a parent. Instead, he taught his boys to take care of themselves. “Some of my proudest moments were when they took care of things on the ice,” he said. “You just stand there and their kid mouthed off, and my kid takes care of it, and then you look over at the parent and he’s looking at you like, you know, you’ve just wronged his child, and you just go, ‘Your child has a big mouth; he needs to shut his mouth.’”