Jessica Alba and Cash Warren Spotted Apartment Shopping in NYC


Californians Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were photographed this weekend in New York City shopping for apartments. We don’t know how we feel about this. Though Jessica has filmed in the city before, she just seems like such an L.A. type (maybe because her skin always looks so good?). Likewise Warren, who also worked here when he was the director’s personal assistant on the Jimmy Fallon–Queen Latifah vehicle Taxi, seems distinctly West Coast. Like, the Wayfarers don’t even look ironic. Will Jessica be a low-key downtown mom like Liv Tyler, who blends in so seamlessly with her neighborhood that people don’t even notice her when she walks by? Or will she be a party girl at all the newest places, like Kirsten Dunst? We suspect neither.

Then again, Natalie Portman may have recently betrayed everything we stand for, so maybe it’s time for some fresh blood up in here. Word to the wise, though, guys. Looking for an apartment at the intersection of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue is going to send you packing back to L.A. faster than you can say “Our half-famous daughter can’t get into Spence.”