Judge Freezes Assets of Madoff Sons, Major Feeder Funds


Finally! Someone’s getting this party started. Earlier today a judge ruled that the assets of Bernie Madoff’s brother Peter should remain frozen despite his inability to pay even subway fare. Now a Connecticut judge has frozen the assets of Madoff’s two sons, Andrew and Mark, along with those of Fairfield Greenwich founder Walter Noel and his flamboyant son-in-law Andrés Piedrahita; as well as Noel’s co-founder Jeffrey Tucker and two other major feeders to Madoff, Sandra Manzke’s Maxam Capital and Robert Schulman’s Tremont Group Holdings. It appears that Ruth Madoff has escaped this round, probably because she didn’t technically work for her husband. Maybe she’ll take pity on the others and invite them over for Jarlsberg sandwiches?

Judge freezes assets of Madoff sons, executives [Reuters]