Let’s Never Hear About Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman Ever Again


It was all the way back on January 26 that Nadya Suleman, now widely known as Octomom, gave birth to eight children. That was kind of interesting, and the fact that she already had six other kids piqued the country’s interest, and even got some people mad (although nobody seems as pissed about the 18 Kids and Counting mom from TLC). The obligatory soft-focus interviews followed, after which we expected Suleman to fade back into obscurity.

But against all odds, the Suleman saga stubbornly continues to receive attention. Even in just the past couple of days, we’ve learned that Suleman is shopping a tape of her giving birth to octuplets (who would watch that?), and heard a leaked 911 call she made in October (who cares?). You can’t blame Suleman for wanting to milk this for all it’s worth, but the news media is under no obligation to cover it. And while we’d go crazy if the news was entirely focused on job losses, Ponzi schemes, stock dives, and deficits, can’t we at least find a new mindless human-interest story to distract us? Personally we’d like to see some more time devoted to this woman.