Lindsay Lohan Is Joining the Tribe?


A “gaunt” Katie Holmes put her detox diet on pause to dine with Tom Cruise and John Lithgow at Il Sole, while Kanye West schlepped shopping bags for his latest (scantily clad) lady, Amber Rose, nearby. Jennifer Aniston wants to be the next Bond girl, and Al Capone’s great-nephew, Dominic, is unveiling the mobster’s last mystery, the ingredients of his pasta sauce. Lindsay Lohan is bypassing Scientology and Kabbalah to become one of the chosen people; she’s converting to Judaism to prove her commitment to Samantha Ronson.

Ann Curry missed accepting her award at the American Cancer Society’s Mother of the Year luncheon because she was at a refugee camp in Darfur with George Clooney. Wish we could get away with that excuse. Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit are making a comeback, as is Britney Spears, who’s kicking off her tour in the Big Easy tonight after performing for 30 loved ones on Saturday night. In related news, PETA’s going provocative with its latest ad campaign, teaming up with gentlemen’s club Rick’s Cabaret to say, “We’d rather go topless than wear fur!”

Jessica Biel would have been happy: Solo boyfriend Justin Timberlake ignored the ladies at Tenjune on Saturday night, while Mickey Rourke wished All My Children soap star Denise Vasi a happy birthday at 1Oak before leading a bathroom attendant in an impromptu dance routine. Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton sent back her chocolate birthday cake at ‘21’ last night because she and dad Bill are allergic. (Seriously? No one should be allergic to chocolate.)