LuAnn de Lesseps in Royal Divorce ‘Shocker’


Count Alexandre de Lesseps was clearly always lucky to be married to his Real Housewife of New York City, LuAnn. She’s a good fifteen years younger than he is, a great deal more lovely, and was perfectly willing to stay in America raising their two (surprisingly normal) kids as he traipsed around the world doing Lord-knows-what. If the world were a fair place, an old pumpkin like the count would realize he’d never get such a great situation again, and he’d thank his lucky stars to be married to an exotic American Indian who has kept his household — and her figure! — remarkably well. But, alas, the world is not fair, and according to “Page Six” the aging lothario found some Ethiopian chippy in Geneva to shack up with, like they always do. He let LuAnn know he was leaving her just one month before her book, Class With the Countess: How to Live With Elegance and Flair hit stands.

There’s obviously only one solution to this problem: LuAnn needs to take up with Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s dreamboat of an ex-fiancé, Nick Stefanov. (You know, the one Kelly allegedly smacked around?) Not only would that put the count in his place, but it might actually turn Kelly into someone who is fun to watch on television!