Madoff’s New Home a Little Less Swanky Than He’s Used To


For the next three months as he awaits his June sentencing, Bernie Madoff will live in the fabulous Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan. How does it compare with the $7 million penthouse he’s been holed up in for the past few months? It’s worse! To set the mood: In 2005, an attorney for crime boss “Vinny Gorgeous” complained that the conditions inside were “inhuman” and “subhuman.” In a similar vein, the defense attorney for convicted terrorist Wadih el-Hage called the jail “bleak” and “horrendous.” So, yeah, this will take some adjusting. Especially since, in addition to coping with his new confines, Madoff will have a hard time making friends. “All the guys there will have wives or parents who are losing their homes or their jobs or who can’t send money to them anymore,” prison inmate turned inmate adviser Larry Levine told Bloomberg. “Everybody’s going to be blaming Bernie.” Maybe they’ll ease up when Madoff tells them how he can get them double the return on each cigarette they invest with him.

Madoff Life in Prison Means Inmates Who Blame Money Man for Crash [Bloomberg]