Madonna and Jesus, With Child


We’ve known that Madonna’s been taking her boy thing Jesus Luz to Kabbalah classes already. (Is this a thing in other religions? Should we have been taking our new Jewish boyfriends to CCD when we were growing up?) So that’s not what caught our eye about this video from the photo agency x17 from outside the Kabbalah Center here in Manhattan. No, it was actually two other things: (1) The sense of ceremony with which Madonna exits the building. Like, she was waiting just inside the door for a while until the photographers were exactly ready. And (2) how amazing does little Lourdes look in the back, trailing behind her mom?? Is she wearing knee-high lace-ups with a tutu? And does she have on two separate hairbands? Girl is working it. Better keep your eye on Jesus Luz, Madge. He is 18 years closer in age to Lourdes 

Madonna And Her Own Personal Jesus At Kabbalah [x17]