Madonna’s New Baby Wannabe Is Kind of Winning Us Over


So, yesterday we were all salty at Madonna for signing up to adopt another baby from Malawi, because we were worried that the more children the pop star has, the less unique and fabulous Lourdes will be. This point still remains. But we must admit our hearts have softened since we saw the pictures floating around of the girl that Madonna is at “an advanced stage” of legally adopting. Little Mercy James is 14 months old, and (this time around) both of her parents are actually deceased. Madonna found her at the Mchinji Home of Hope orphanage, from which she also adopted her 3-year-old son David Banda. Look at that face! That girl is ready for prime time. Maybe it’s okay that Lourdes is going to have a little sister. After all, she’s got twelve years until Mercy James catches up and becomes a teenager, and by then Lourdes will be out of college and will have clearly peaked already.

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