Mickey Boardman Picks Up Cute Boys


Paper magazine’s Mickey Boardman is Catholic, and although he missed going to church on Ash Wednesday, and hasn’t made any actual resolutions for Lent, he has given the 40 days leading up to Easter a theme. “My theme for Lent is ask and ye shall receive,” he told us at last night’s Paper-sponsored launch of Hilfiger Denim at the Hilfiger store on Broadway. “It’s all about asking cute boys to make out with you, asking magazines to write stories about you — just ask! And if they say no, that’s okay; a lot of times they say yes. And to use cute boys as an example, why did it take me 40 years to try and see if it works? I was always waiting to be asked, and they’re waiting for you to ask them! Now I appreciate it.” What about bankers? Would he want to date one of them in This Economy? After all, some people are swearing them off. “Absolutely!” Mickey told us. In fact, as with the stock market, now is a great time to buy low. “One of my good friends is dating somebody in finance, and they need love more now than ever,” he told us. “They’re very humble, and as long as they’re humble that’s great. Who needs a hand job more than a hedge-fund man these days?”