Mystery Man Makes Wesley Autrey Look Bad


Yesterday afternoon Times “City” editor Wendell Jamieson was happily riding the subway, minding his own business. Around 2:30, on the C train, a crowd entered his car, boisterously thanking and congratulating a “disheveled fellow filthy with track grime.” Jamieson, like the newshound that he is, sniffed out the story. Turns out the man was grungy because he’d been down on the subway tracks moments before, pulling someone to safety. He wouldn’t talk to the Timesman or even give his name. “We’ll never know what was going through this man’s mind during his dangerous time on the tracks,” mourned the City Room blog last night. Thankfully, we do know what was going through the minds of the cops who arrived on the scene moments later, when everyone was safe:

Minutes after the fall, the victim was carried away by paramedics, leaving a fair amount of bright red fluid on the platform. All was quickly returning to normal. “Is that blood?” a young man asked a police officer. “No, it’s ketchup,” the officer replied. Then added: “What do you think it is? Duh.”

Aw, that’s nice.

An Unsung Hero of the Subway [City Room/NYT]

Aw, that’s nice.

An Unsung Hero of the Subway [City Room/NYT]