Obama Insiders Pleased by Hillary’s Lack of Betrayal


Remember, back when President Obama was considering Hillary Clinton for secretary of State, there was all that grumbling that she was a power-hungry loose cannon who couldn’t be trusted? “She’ll go rogue! She’ll purposely undermine the administration! She’ll personally bomb Iran!” Her ultimate plan being, apparently, to get into a spat with the wildly popular president who so magnanimously appointed her to such a prestigious position, get canned, and then run for president again. Well, it only took two months of non-treacherousness for Obama’s inner circle to put their “concerns … to rest about her loyalty to the man who defeated her.” Actually, you’d expect that those reservations would have been dealt with before entrusting Hillary with America’s foreign policy. But better late than never. Hooray, Hillary isn’t a traitor!

Hillary Clinton Is Passing the White House Loyalty Test [US News]