Olivia Benson Down! Again!


We are beginning to get seriously worried about Law & Order: SVU’s Olivia Benson. She’s still recovering from her near-rape by a guard while she was undercover as a prisoner. Her partner, Eliot Stabler, is getting increasingly violent, and going more and more off the book when going after sex-crime perps. And ever since the show went HD, well, you know.

But seriously, Olivia’s in the hospital with chest pains for the second time in as many months. In January she suffered from a partially collapsed lung (which, while terrible, is not quite so nightmarish as it sounds), and again yesterday her reps announced that she went back for a checkup for pains relating to the original problem. Stoic as she was, Benson waited until the end of a long day’s work before seeing doctors. Obviously, the main problem here is that Law & Order: SVU is one of Intel’s absolute favorite shows (it has so much in common with Gossip Girl!) and we don’t want anything to happen to any of its stars, because sometimes we have real trouble when that fourth wall is broken.

Law & Order Star Mariska Hargitay Hospitalized Again [Reuters]