Paterson Tries to Win Back New York’s Love


New Yorkers may have soured on Governor Paterson to the tune of a 26 percent approval rating, but he’s still striving to recapture our hearts. First he tried to seduce us by showing off his legs in a pair of short shorts. That failed. Now Paterson is taking his efforts up a notch. After basically being dared to at a town hall in Niagara Falls, Paterson has agreed to take a 10 percent pay cut from his $179,000 yearly salary. As far as easing the state’s budget deficit goes, that’s like plucking a grain of sand from Jones Beach, but the Paterson family will certainly notice the missing $17,900. The Times notes that the governor’s spokesman “declined to say on Thursday whether his wife, Michelle Paige Paterson, was pleased with his decision.” But we could probably take an educated guess.

Saying He’ll Share Pain, Paterson Trims Paycheck [NYT]