Peaches Geldof Harshes On Ed Westwick


Sometime New Yorker Peaches Geldof talked to Grazia about Gossip Girl–mania and, in particular, an interaction she had with Ed Westwick, the British actor who plays cult-favorite character Chuck Bass:

"He acts up to this personification of some sort of Pete Doherty character — some really wasted English guy with a poet soul and it doesn't really work. It is a bit like, 'Mate, you're on Gossip Girl and you're in a shitty band.' We spoke for a bit and he was quite lecherous. But he was lecherous to all the girls. He's very small, too. Smaller than me. I'm 5'7" and I think he must be 5'6". He's ripped. But when you're small and ripped you get into Tom Cruise territory, like a little overgrown gorilla."

Well! We have to say, we're impressed. Peaches pretty much nailed it. The Battle of the Brits is on! Your move, Bass.

Peaches talks Gossip Girl [Grazia]