Robert Guskind, Neighborhood Blogger, Has Died


If you are a fan of neighborhood blogs, or just keep up with our Neighborhood Watch/Neighborhood News feature, you are no doubt familiar with Brooklyn’s Gowanus Lounge. The website was an excellent example of community reporting and just plain neighborhood enthusiasm. We could always count on it for a picture, some news, or an intriguing local story that was worth checking out. It was written by Robert Guskind, who also spent time blogging for Curbed. After losing his job at Curbed recently, and failing to post for a few days on his own blog, Guskind was found dead yesterday. According to the Brooklyn Paper, it’s not known exactly what happened. But Guskind’s friend Miss Heather, who writes another of our favorite neighborhood blogs, Newyorkshitty, says he was alive and seemingly well enough on Sunday. Brooklyn is a richer place because of the independent websites that lovingly record its growths and idiosyncrasies, and we’re sorry to see one of them, and its enthusiastic creator, go.

Death of a Blogger [Brooklyn Paper]