Ruth Madoff Got $2 Million From British Account Weeks Before Bernie Was Arrested


Britain’s Serious Fraud Office (we take this to mean they have a Hilarious Fraud Office, as well, that deals with things like Internet psychics and snack-related lawsuits) has been digging around Bernie Madoff’s London operations looking for possible accomplices to his giant Ponzi scheme. So far, they haven’t brought any charges against anyone, but they have confirmed that Ruth Madoff received $2 million in payments from her husband’s businesses in Britain just weeks before he was arrested in December. Which means — when you figure this in, plus the $5 million she withdrew two weeks before her husband confessed his financial empire was a “giant Ponzi scheme” and $10 million the day before he turned himself in — Ruth had $17 million in cash lying around the day her husband was arrested. You have to wonder: Was she planning on taking it out to the club and making it rain?

Britain Considers Charges in Madoff Case [DealBook/NYT]