Ruth Madoff’s Girls Have Her Back


She was traumatized in an attempt to purchase Jarlsberg, but Ruth Madoff is not giving up on shopping. A Cindy Adams spy reported a sighting of Ruth in the Via Mizner area of Palm Beach, shopping for "knockoff cheapo costume bangles."

"We are not talking Cartier here. We are talking plastic. Hunting with girlfriends who'd call out, 'Ruthie, look at this.' Ruthie then came and looked at this."

But what is most surprising about this to us is not that Ruth Madoff continues to shop, but that Ruth Madoff still has friends, considering, you know, her husband metaphorically if not literally fucked everyone he came into contact with, and we would imagine the girls would have a hard time getting over that. Snaps for the sisterhood. Hey, maybe they were all buying necklaces!

Ruth Madoff Is Using Her Plastic [NYP]