Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Are MARRIED


Earlier today, Perez Hilton reported that Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore are no longer engaged. Instead, they are married. We were unprepared to deal with this news and for some reason didn’t quite believe it. But then OK! did that thing where they actually call and see if something is true, and it turns out, this is. The pair were reportedly wed in Savannah, Georgia, in a simple ceremony on Tuesday.

We would like to say, for the record, that we wish the best for the couple. We hope that you never have a Sid and Nancy period like Ryan had with his previous girlfriend, Jessica Joffe, and that both of you are able to continue in your respective arts. Ryan, may you keep writing songs for boys in too-tight pants, and Mandy, may you continue to make movies for … boys in too-tight pants. L’Chaim!

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