Some Thoughts About U2 Way


Yesterday, when we saw pictures of Bono holding up the signs for “U2 Way” (formerly known as 53rd Street at Broadway), we were a little flummoxed. They were given the street signs in honor of their weeklong engagement on Letterman and the release of their new album. They also went to lunch with Mayor Bloomberg at Maison Restaurant and discussed public-health policy. By now, we have rallied our thoughts and come up with a few questions.

1. We’re in the middle of a citywide recession and economic crisis and this is how we’re spending our money and time?
2. Related: Even if we weren’t in a recession, since when does the city pay taxpayer funds to promote albums?
3. The album we are promoting is called No Line on the Horizon. Aren’t we a city of horizon lines?
4. Related: Is this a metaphor for Bono’s Botox?
5. In 1987, didn’t U2 take over a city street in Los Angeles with an impromptu and illegal concert, which became the video for “Where the Streets Have No Name?” (Including the part where the cops shut the whole thing down?)
6. Related: Isn’t the fact that, twenty years later, New York gave a street the name U2 — and officially sanctioned their taking it over, with the mayor present — somehow insanely depressing?
7. Why do we feel so old right now?