Spitzer Returns to the Scene of the Crime


Eliot Spitzer, working through his father's real-estate company, has bought a thirteen-story office building in downtown D.C. The building happens to be a mere block away from the Mayflower Hotel, where naught thirteen months ago Spitzer stripped down to his black socks and had tryst with a call girl that would destroy his career (but would make hers). In a move that was either ballsy or just plain disrespectful — we can't decide — the Wall Street Journal asked the former governor if the building's proximity to the hotel gave him any "mixed feelings."

"No. We are buying a great building. That's why we are buying it," he said.

Honestly. What did they expect him to say? "I feel both ashamed and aroused?"

Spitzer Is Back in D.C. -- in Real Estate [WSJ]