Team Obama Pulls the ‘Gray Hair’ Stunt Again


Remember when, in August of 2008, Barack Obama started talking about how his hair was going gray? He was about to head into convention season, when Republicans would spend weeks touting John McCain’s experience and wisdom over Obama’s much-hyped “judgment.” At the time, Obama said: “When I started this campaign people called me a young man. They’re not calling me that anymore.” Yeah, it wasn’t very subtle. And now the president, who could use a little puff piece at the moment, and who could also use a boost to his trustworthiness, is at it again. His personal barber managed to speak to two national papers on the same day about his client’s increasingly silver locks. The Washington Post and New York Times both followed the fluff and produced prominent stories. “It’s been [754 days], if you can believe it, since a baby-faced senator stood in the winter chill in Springfield, Ill., to declare his candidacy for president,” marveled the Post. “With each debate, after every primary fight, it seems Barack Obama’s tightly clipped hair became just a dash saltier.” [Translation: Our president is getting wiser and wiser!] “Mr. Obama seems to have noticed it at least as far back as last summer,” remembers the Times. [Translation: Yep! We’re still writing the same story when he wants us to!]

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