Thank God, the New Subway Hero’s Fame Continues to Day Three


Sure, he's not as awesome as the granny heroes. But the mere hotness of Chad Lindsey, the subway hero, has extended his fifteen minutes of fame to a whole three days. The popular gay blog Queerty interviewed Lindsey at length about his heroism, not necessarily because Lindsey is gay but because he's hot and he appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show, which is one factor short of achieving homosexual perfection. Queerty did that thing that gay media outlets do where they didn't ask whether he was gay, but they asked about how he felt that some people wanted him to be gay. On his own heroism, Lindsey said:

I think, ultimately, you got to do something. Most people do. Most people are good people. When I finally did get on the train and went downtown, everybody was trying to help me. There were women going into their purses to hand out Handi-Wipes and hand sanitizer and trying to get the blood off me. I think the message is that if you see something that needs to be done, do whatever you can to do it. Not everybody can jump off a platform and get back up. I'm six feet tall and in okay shape, so I can do that part, but as long as people can do whatever they can do, you know? That I think, is the point.

That is the point. It's like those "pay it forward" Liberty Mutual ads that weirdly choke us up. Also, an additional point is that Chad Lindsey has nice freckles. And he should call Daily Intel. Seriously, whatever he wants — guy, girl, gay — we've got one.

For Chad Lindsey, Being a Subway Hero is Just Another Day at the Office [Queerty]