The Benjamin Button Economy


Last night, the Dow closed at its lowest level since 1996. The day before, it closed at its lowest since 1997. Today it seems to be up a little, but who knows? This afternoon, we could be back to 1995. You could say this is a bad thing, that we are hurtling fast towards Depression and war and pestilence and the END of the United States as we know it and, hey, is our nose bleeding a little? But life is like a prism, friends: you can look at it from many different angles. And we at Daily Intel choose to look at it from a positive angle! We’re not contracting (such an ugly word!), we are merely getting younger! Like Benjamin Button! Or something. Anyway, 1996 wasn’t so bad. In fact, it was kind of great! Everyone was able to look at Bill Clinton without thinking about the Cigar Incident, and Neve Campbell did a brilliant turn in a little picture called The Craft. The world didn’t feel like it was ending at all! And lest you forget, we’ve compiled a video montage of all of the wonderful things that happened that very special year.