The Good News Is That Scientists Grew Extra Arms on a Newt


Today was kind of a downer, what with all of the various layoffs, and the plunging unemployment rate, and Tim Geithner getting raked over the coals in front of Congress again (which we actually couldn’t bear to watch because at this point those hearings have developed an uncomfortable snuff-porn quality). But the good news is that the market rallied again, with the Dow going up 174.75 points to 7924.56 at the end of the day. Analysts are even cautiously optimistic: “It’s possible that the economy may be starting to fix itself, even without some of the policy moves we’ve seen recently,” one told the Journal. But the really good news is that scientists are making headway in a plan to regrow human limbs. As you can see, they have grown extra arms on this newt.

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