The Point Is, Edward Liddy Did Not Rape Anyone


Memo to Barney Frank: “The shitheads who made bank off this are hello, NOT FUCKING WORKING AT AIG. Nor, honestly, did most of them ever work at AIG, or else maybe AIG would have thought twice before it wrote a trillion dollar insurance policy on a few thousand soon-to-be crackhouses. AIG obviously had a lot of idiots working there, but we now know who the greediest idiots are. Your job now is to call out the last standing greedy smart guys so that when they say shit like ‘Nationalization is not the answer’ — interesting that your TARP-swilling freshly FDIC-insured zero-exposed-my-ass ass would say such a thing, Lloyd Blankfein! — or ‘the big problem with the US economy is our current account deficit’ — hey, how you figure it got that way, Jamie Dimon? — the country can understand that some smart guys go into big bloated government because if they don’t all the greedy smart guys will invariably get caught up in a race to see who can most violently rape the economy fastest. And yeah, the bonus thing is totally insulting, like making rape victims pay for their rape kits like they do in Wasilla, but hello, the ‘rape’ part is actually a lot worse, even I can admit that, and I guess the point is Ed Liddy DIDN’T RAPE ANYONE.” From: Moe Tkacik [Tumblr]