Undo Send: The E-mail Recall That Works


It’s not as great as a Breathalyzer for your keyboard, but we’d like to call attention to the fact that yesterday Google introduced an “Undo Send” feature for Gmail. It”s a five-second delay in sending e-mails for those times where you find yourself too quick on the draw, realizing, for example, that you cc’d when you meant to bcc or accidentally sent the e-mail to the person you were talking shit about. It’s like an e-mail recall, only it works. It will not, however, stop you from sending embarrassing drunk e-mails, which you usually only realize when you’re sober the next morning. For that you still, unfortunately, need a sense of judgment.*

New in Labs: Undo Send [Gmail Blog]

*Trust us: Mail Goggles can be easily beaten with a calculator.