Was Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s Big Fight a Fake?


Lindsay Lohan surprised girlfriend Samantha Ronson by showing up at her D.J. gig at Planet Hollywood’s club Privé in Vegas, but shortly thereafter the duo got in a fight, Ronson took off, and Lindsay flipped out and jumped in her Mercedes to follow her, even leaving her bodyguard behind in the dust. On the bright side, Lohan finally settled the lawsuit brought on by coat-owner Masha Markova, who claims the actress stole her $11,000 mink at 1Oak last year. OutKaster André Benjamin says it’s hard being black, but also, with the launch of his preppy menswear line, it’s hard not being gay. Real Housewives of New York City insiders suspect that Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s alleged beating of her boyfriend (which landed her with an arrest for misdemeanor assault) was staged.

Cosmetics billionaire William Lauder is getting sued by the mother of his illegitimate daughter. On-again off-again Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are officially off. Madonna caused a scene at Britney Spears’s Circus concert on Long Island Wednesday night, then left before the encore with her manager, Guy Oseary. Private Practice star Kate Walsh downed shots of tequila at the show’s wrap party at H-Wood with Taye Diggs, who was getting busy on the dance floor.

Mary J. Blige, Clay Aiken, and Elvis Costello all have 30 Rock cameos in the works, and South Park kind of dissed the Jonas Brothers. Ever the good son, George Clooney picked up the check (via phone) for his parents, Walter Cronkite, and Joanna Simon at Patsy’s the other night. Lastly, environmental protesters in California are burning all the “Governator” memorabilia they can get their hands on. Great way to save the environment, guys. Light more fires.