Watch This Video of Hundreds of Africans Following Madonna Around


Your Daily Intel editors are in slight disagreement over whether it is okay that Madonna is pushing through her slightly controversial adoption of young Malawian orphan Mercy James. So we won’t opine over it anymore. (If you want some opinions on the issue today, check out Andrea Peyser’s column. She has a lot of them.) But we will direct you to this somewhat mesmerizing AP video in which Madonna slowly walks around a Malawian day-care center. She is accompanied by her three children, David Banda (who had a happy, if a little mystifying, reunion with his birth dad on the trip), Lourdes, and Rocco, who is sporting an awesome, Maddox-like mohawk. At first Madonna seems kind of normal, towing little David along as he drags a big stick like any other distracted child. But then the camera cuts to the hundreds of Malawians that are running around after her, and you begin to understand why the local government there is wary of giving her another of their nation’s children.