Weiner Is Right Where He Wants to Be


It’s not enough that Anthony Weiner has been dating Hillary Clinton’s (hot) body woman Huma Abedin for the past year. He’s also weaseled his way into the dainty dress pockets of a handful of super-famous foreign catwalkers. May Anderson, Thalita De Oliveira, Noemie Lenoir, and supermodel Jessica Stam all donated hundreds of dollars each to the congressman’s campaign coffers at a swanky fund-raiser last summer. Why? Because Weiner favors extending visas to international models, allowing them to work in New York more easily. The problem is, non-citizens can’t donate to American campaign chests. The Weiner campaign says they never cashed the checks, but they were listed on forms for matching taxpayer funds. Still, it’s an achievement for Weiner and gawky guys with funny last names everywhere. Usually, at the bar, they’re the ones putting up cash to get attention from models, not the other way around.