Well Hello, John D. Arnold of Centaurus Energy


We didn’t mean for this to happen. We weren’t expecting to see a pretty face when we sauntered over to the Times slideshow of Alpha’s top-earning hedge-funders this year, just a bunch of math geeks who spend their days sitting around crunching numbers. We weren’t looking for a relationship. But then our eyes came to rest on John Arnold, 33-year-old energy manager of Texas hedge fund Centaurus, with his blue eyes and actual Cary Grant chin cleft, and we fell in love a little. Granted, Arnold looks especially good in this context, alongside a bunch of guys who, should they choose to retire and pursue their dream of acting, could probably be cast in a Cialis commercial like tomorrow. (Not you, John Paulson. You are still our man, even though your decision to not participate in the public-private ownership program disappoints us. Also, you are probably too short.) And it’s true that the $1.5 billion Arnold made last year and the fact that he ranks 300 on the Forbes list of richest Americans lends him a certain je ne sais quoi. Plus there are some things about Arnold that set off warning bells, like that he started out at Enron. But what can we say? We’ve always loved the bad boys.

Even Now, Hedge Fund Titans Rake In Billions [NYT]