Why Are Republicans Raising Money for Andrew Cuomo?


Andrew Cuomo, the Bonus Buster, is New York’s Democratic attorney general. So why are prominent Republicans raising money for the war chest he’s amassing in case he runs for governor in 2010? First it was Alfonse D’Amato, and now the Post’s Fred Dicker is reporting that “former state Republican Party Chairman Pat Barrett is hosting a $1,000-a-ticket fund-raiser for Cuomo.” We get that Republicans want to undermine David Paterson by fueling talk that he might have a primary challenger next year. But money is money, and Andrew Cuomo is going to use it to try to beat whoever runs against him — including former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, who is frequently mentioned as a gubernatorial candidate for the GOP. Is this a deliberate slap in the face to Rudy? We don’t get it, because it certainly can’t be that all that bonus-busting Cuomo has been doing against the rich white men of Wall Street has endeared him to Republicans.