Your Stolen iPhone Might Just Find Its Own Way Home


Poor 29-year-old Sayaka Fukuda was devastated when her iPhone was stolen on the N train platform at Fifth Avenue last month. She thought she would never see it, or the young man who grabbed it from her, ever again. She was wrong on both counts. From this morning's Post:

She reported the theft to cops, went home and got the surprise of her life. "I checked my e-mail and saw something in my outbox," she wrote on [her blog]. "I knew I didn't send anything. I opened the attachment, and there he was with his black and red knitted [Spider-Man] hat. The same hat I described to the police officers." She sent the photos off to cops who combed through mug shots and quickly zeroed in on Daquan Mathis, 18. He had sent the pictures to his own e-mail account.

Naturally, they started exchanging friendly e-mails. It started with the usual "you're going to get arrested," "I will kill you, I know where you live" type stuff, but then it evolved into something almost nurturing. "Don't ruin your life for a cellphone," Fukuda wrote. "You're right," Mathis replied. "But I'm not going to the cops." Meanwhile, the NYPD matched his pictures with some from their files, eventually tracked him down, and the phone was returned. No word on whether she'll use it to keep up the correspondence.