AIG Executive Who Penned Dramatic Exit Letter Still Working There


When AIG executive Jake DeSantis tacked on that he was going to stay there “over the short term to help make sure no balls are dropped” in his famously indignant resignation letter in the Times, we expected he meant that, at the most, he would give the obligatory two weeks’ notice. In fact, when we called AIG that day to see if we could speak to him, the operator said he wasn’t even listed as working there, leading us to wonder if he had been pushed out that day by higher-ups who no longer could stand the sight of his smug face. But three weeks later, today’s Journal informs us DeSantis is still with the company.

Jake DeSantis, an executive who announced his resignation in a New York Times op-ed piece amid the controversy, is still on the job short term as the commodity business he works on is resolved. AIG didn’t make him available for comment.

Ha. Wonder why. “Sorry, Jake’s a little tied up right now.” [Cut to DeSantis, tied to a chair in a windowless office, ball gag stuffed in his mouth, toiling over Edward Liddy’s personal taxes.] Awkward.

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