Alan Cumming on Marriage Equality


Count gay activist Alan Cumming on Team Paterson: The actor believes that now is the right time for the governor’s controversial gay-marriage bill. “I don’t think Paterson’s rushing it at all,” he told us at last night’s Life Ball Preview Party. “He’s been trying to get this through for many, many years. It’s horrifying that we’re in the midst of a civil-rights struggle,” Cumming explained. “It’s 2009! But things are definitely changing, and that’s why I think this is the time to pass the bill. The fact that New York is following Iowa seems kind of crazy.” Of course, if the bill fails, Cumming admits, “it would be a real blight on New York.” But the performer, who is attending the Empire State Pride Agenda’s “Equality and Justice Day” in Albany next week, isn’t suspicious of Paterson’s motives: “He’s not doing it for political reasons. Like, when did gay marriage become something that could make you popular, for fuck’s sake? That’s just, like, being a little nippy, people being bitches.” The perennial pixie showed considerably less support for another politician; when we mentioned that Giuliani has been threatening to use his opposition to same-sex marriage as a political tool, Cumming said: “Because his political career is going so well? I’m sure he’s on the money with that one. I think he’s an asshole. Please quote me on that.”