Another Blago Escape Scheme Effortlessly Foiled by Judge


The ongoing, comical efforts of Rod Blagojevich to evade his eventual prison sentence by creatively fleeing American soil were dealt another blow earlier today. You may recall that he first tried to find sanctuary in the international pavilions of Epcot, which failed. Now, despite a fairly ingenious conspiracy cooked up with reality-TV executives to get Blago on the show I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, which takes place in the easily escapable Costa Rican jungle, Judge James Zagel has ruled that allowing Blago to take part would be “a bad idea.” The disgraced former governor’s official argument was that he needed the money I’m a Celebrity offered, but Zagel claimed Blago could find other (albeit less hilarious) means, and needed to stick around anyway to help his attorneys prepare his defense. Little does Zagel know that Blago never intends to actually go to trial. At this very moment, he is summoning up all his cunning, guile, and craftiness for his next, surely doomed plan.

Blagojevich can’t go to Costa Rica for TV show [Chicago Breaking News]