Auto-Tuning the News: Now With Katie Couric


We, and other blogs, have been trying to wrap our heads around this phenomenon (okay, it’s two YouTube clips) of Auto-Tuning the news. In theory, it’s a great meta-experiment: what if you could Auto-Tune the information you prefer to hear — like, say, if you wanted to have a slightly more liberal version of CNN, but something that fell short of the farther-left interpretations of MSNBC? Is that truly the future of user-oriented media? Probably! At any rate, it’s a super-interesting question. Sadly, that’s not what the makers of these Auto-Tuned YouTube clips are asking. Mostly it’s just famous newscasters looking like buttholes and a couple of people wearing gorilla masks. But it’s still funny.

This one, actually, has much more musicality, and less Kanye-ity. But nothing beats Katie Couric being forced to sing: