Blago Maintains That He Would Not Have Fled Costa Rican Jungle


The always-scheming Rod Blagojevich surfaced on Today this morning after recently learning he will not be allowed to appear on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!. Meredith Vieira pointed out that the judge who ruled against him “wasn’t convinced you would come back if you went on this show.” Obviously! Those judges are sharp, we tell you. But Blago claims he just needs the cash, and his willingness to go eat bugs on television “is just a testament to how much I love my kids.” Of course, there are plenty of ways for shamed celebrities to make money right here in America if they’re willing to degrade themselves for the public’s amusement, which Blago clearly is. We’re confident he’ll find one while he plots his next escape.

Blagojevich On “Today” Show: Judge Saved Me From Eating Bugs (WATCH) [HuffPo]