Blake Lively: ‘I Feel Like a Tranny a Lot of the Time’

We can't imagine why. Photo: Getty Images

We've harshed on Blake Lively in the past, but it's mostly only because we're jealous of her being with Penn Badgley. Plus, the following quote from her in the upcoming issue of Allure made us kind of feel for her. It's tough to be in Blake Lively's shoes! Especially since apparently they are a size 16 which she needs to order from a special Ginormica catalogue for giant transvestites:

"I feel like a tranny a lot of the time. I don't know, I'm ... large? They put me in six-inch heels, and I tower over every man. I've got this long hair and lots of clothes and makeup on ... I just feel really big a lot of the time, and I'm surrounded by a lot of tiny people. I feel like a man sometimes."

On the other hand, she also has the boobs of a giantess, so we don't feel that bad for her.

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