Celebrity Psychic Intends to Keep Doing Readings From Beyond the Grave


Psychic to the stars Judi Hoffman has had three rounds of chemotherapy for her throat cancer, and it doesn’t look good. But death will not stop the Upper East Side visionary from doing the work she loves. Judi has vowed to continue to provide readings from beyond the grave. “She may appear to you in a dream, as an apparition, or in a vision, or in a manner still unknown to this world,” her publicist tells the Observer today. It won’t be free, though. Judi plans to charge $95 for her posthumous services, a markdown from her living rate of $400 an hour. (“A large portion of the money will be donated to charity,” the same publicist tells Daily Intel.) We’re not sure if this story makes us believe in the endurance of the human spirit, but we’re convinced: The entrepreneurial spirit, at least, is alive and well in New York.

Cancer-Stricken Celebrity Psychic Judi Hoffman Promises News From the Afterlife [NYO]