Writers Choire Sicha and Alex Balk Launch Much-Awaited Web Venture


CHRISTAL: Okay, so.

SichaCommaChoire: Yeesss?

SichaCommaChoire: (I'm already laughing.)

CHRISTAL: What should I write about your website, which I already like?

SichaCommaChoire: Local Morons Work For Free?

CHRISTAL: Well, it's not for free.

CHRISTAL: I see an ad for a thing I didn't know was a product.

CHRISTAL: (Caffeine in a Butterfinger? It was a surprise.)

SichaCommaChoire: Actually, it's more like…

SichaCommaChoire: Local Morons Spend Money To Work

CHRISTAL: Do you have a business person?

SichaCommaChoire: David Cho is our business dude.

SichaCommaChoire: Late of College Humor and then of Radar.

CHRISTAL: I am so pleased. So is it all about media?

SichaCommaChoire: Oh, gosh, no. It's solely guided by what we're interested in.

SichaCommaChoire: Like, for instance, I just put up a picture of Saturn! Because, yum, Saturn!

CHRISTAL: Hahaha. You can find a bunghole in everything.

CHRISTAL: This is so exciting/overdue. It's like the eighth Octomom baby.

CHRISTAL: Or the bonus Jonas.

SichaCommaChoire: Well, we just want to have a good time.

SichaCommaChoire: (and drink some cherry wine)


SichaCommaChoire: Because you know there's not enough websites!

CHRISTAL: Can I tell you? My boyfriend is moving in with me and we drove to New Jersey yesterday to drop off stuff. And that song came on twice!

SichaCommaChoire: Hot!

CHRISTAL: And he loves that.

CHRISTAL: And both times I was like, "WHAT IS CHERRY WINE?"

SichaCommaChoire: Now I love your boyfriend!

CHRISTAL:: Wait. so how do you think you and Balk are going to work together? Aren't you too similar? Except for the loving cock thing?

SichaCommaChoire: : Too similar??? He and i are nothing alike!

SichaCommaChoire: Except we are both passive-aggressive.

SichaCommaChoire: So it's REALLY QUIET IN HERE.

CHRISTAL:: Wait, you're like in the same room?

SichaCommaChoire: YES!

CHRISTAL: You have an office?

SichaCommaChoire: Um, let's call it that charitably, yess!

CHRISTAL: You know, the guy who sang that song involving the cherry wine lyric


CHRISTAL: And the whole song was about not having to take your clothes off to have a "good time."

CHRISTAL: (Where the "cherry wine" rhyme came into it.)

SichaCommaChoire: Dare I say the word "ironic"?

The Awl [Awl]