Colbert Gets Syracuse Congressman to Admit Love for Cocaine, Prostitutes


Stephen Colbert has once again convinced a sitting congressman to say some wildly impolitic things in the pursuit of comedy. Last time, it was Florida’s Robert Wexler, who, facing an uncontested election, willingly stated on national television that doing cocaine and hanging with prostitutes were “fun things to do.” Now Syracuse’s Dan Maffei has played along as well — under the guise of his evil twin, which is apparently some reference to Star Trek — by claiming that cocaine and prostitutes give him “joy.” He also nearly shotgunned a beer, but couldn’t seem to figure out the maneuver. Maffei’s office has heard “literally no reaction” by late this morning, but in the comment thread of’s story on the segment, it’s clear that Maffei’s stunt may have backfired with at least a handful of his more soulless, wet-blanket constituents. “I thought this state/county was in crisis! Maffei has time to go on Colbert? Is that what we’re paying him to do? Unbelievable!” says one commenter. “We don’t pay our representatives to be stand up comics,” says another. Thankfully, these opinions were largely drowned out by others evincing some sense of humor.

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