Danny Pang’s ‘Religious Pilgrimage’ Interrupted by SEC Fraud Charges


A couple of weeks ago, we were riveted by the lurid story of Danny Pang, a California businessman whose entire life appeared to be one sordid lie. As detailed in a page-one Wall Street Journal story, Pang was suspected of fabricating his entire history, running a Ponzi scheme, and perhaps killing his wife, among other things. Now the Securities and Exchange Commission has charged him with fraud. Oddly, however, it doesn't seem that Pang was around to receive the papers. Per the Journal:

Mr. Pang, 42 years old, traveled to China two weeks ago for a religious pilgrimage, according to his spokesman.

We know what you're thinking: How fishy, for him to leave the country two weeks ago, right around the time the WSJ story came out! But we've thought it through, and we're going to give Pang the benefit of the doubt.

Say a newspaper story came out about how you might have hired a hit man to kill your wife and were maybe-probably conducting a vast Ponzi scheme. And that it was complete with pictures of your administrative assistants clutching fistfuls of cash in the private jet you purchased with investor money. You, too, might think it's a good time to get ... right with God.

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SEC Charges Pang With Fraud [WSJ]