Democrats Want Paterson to Be Awesome Again Soon or Go Away


A slew of news stories are making this yet another rough day for David Paterson. Elizabeth Benjamin reports that some state Democrats are privately setting a deadline of this November for the governor to improve on his atrocious approval numbers, or they’ll push him to not run for reelection. It’ll be tough to regain New York’s confidence, but people do love a good comeback story, right? Usually! But according to a Quinnipiac poll fresh off the presses this morning, over half of all New Yorkers would prefer if Paterson didn’t even try to restore his reputation and instead simply announced right now that he won’t run again in 2010, which is pretty ruthless. Meanwhile, Paterson’s latest shot at jump-starting his turnaround — the state budget — has failed miserably, with 70 percent of voters disapproving. And one of those voicing his disapproval is Paterson’s potential usurper, the Boner- and Bonus-Busting Andrew Cuomo, who, in stark contrast to Paterson, is maintaining a gaudy 75 percent approval rating.

Gov. Paterson gets message from top Democrats: Better poll numbers by November or forget 2010 [NYDN]