Drunk-Driving Joba Doesn’t Care for New Yorkers’ Road Etiquette


Last October, Yankees young gun Joba Chamberlain was pulled over for speeding in his home state of Nebraska, and, after failing a sobriety test, was charged with a DUI (he pleaded guilty last week, receiving probation). But lo, these many months we’ve been left wondering, “At any point during his arrest, did Joba take some unnecessary, hypocritical potshots at New Yorkers, the fans who adore him?” It turns out that yes, he did! It’s not in the video clip that the Smoking Gun provides, but excerpts on the website show Joba seemingly trying to ingratiate himself with the arresting officer by making exaggerated claims about New Yorkers’ stereotypical rudeness. “Opening a door and saying please and thank you” are rare in the city, he claims. In Nebraska, if you let a fellow motorist in ahead of you, they’ll say thanks. But New York drivers “might hit you. It’s a joke,” says the guy who was speeding down a highway drunk on Crown Royal. Uh, yeah, and also, in New York, if you sneeze, people don’t say “Bless you,” they say “Go to hell!” And if you need directions, they stab you! It’s horrible! Look, obviously New Yorkers can be a bit … curt from time to time. But to a Yankee? We don’t think so. Check out his sobriety test in the video.

Joba Goes Nine (Steps)! [Smoking Gun]