Eliot Spitzer Talks About the Economy, His ‘Gremlins’ on Today Show


The troubled economy may mean that Eliot Spitzer could be forgiven for sleeping with hookers in record time! The Love Gov and former “Sheriff of Wall Street” went on the Today show this morning as part of what is increasingly looking like a comeback tour, i.e. a bid for some kind of administration job, and although Matt Lauer opened up with a variation on “let’s get the hookersex out of the way,” discussion about the economy and the need for a new regulatory structure (hint, hint) surpassed talk about the governor’s “gremlins” by a minute and three seconds! This is in part due to Eliot’s expert dodging of the subject. “How long did this [hookersex] go on?” Lauer asks, as if he’s expecting Spitzer to start counting on his fingers. “Not long in the context of my life,” Spitzer stonewalls. Not bad at all.