Obama Sees ‘Glimmers of Hope’ for the Economy, But Not Because It’s Easter


President Obama today said that the nation’s economy is showing “glimmers of hope.” Then he backtracked a little because, he indicated, he didn’t want to get anyone too excited. “We have always been very cautious about prognosticating and that’s not going to change just because it’s Easter,” he warned. Okay. Wait, what’s he talking about, Easter?

Why would he think that we think the administration was getting overly exuberant because it’s Easter? That’s weird. Is he making some oblique reference to Lazarus, and suggesting that people are hopeful that the economy could rise from the dead? Or is he saying, “Don’t listen to us today; everyone in the White House is all hopped up on Peeps”? Holy crap, that’s it! Look at Ben Bernanke!

He gave a speech today in which he was all excited about how the government’s plan to bring down mortgage rates is working! But he was probably just high on sugar. We hope the comedown isn’t too bad.

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