Has John McCain Purged Sarah Palin From His Memory?


Last night, Senator John McCain stopped by the desk of Jay Leno, as politicians tend to do from time to time when they hanker for some friendly, risk-free media exposure. But this visit didn’t end up being so benign. When Leno asked McCain who was going to lead the Republican Party, McCain began ticking off a list of “young, dynamic” governors, including Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty, Jon Hunstman, Charlie Crist, and former governor Mitt Romney. “I’ve left out somebody’s name and I’m going to hear about it,” he added with a laugh. Yes, you have, and you will! Maybe the name Sarah Palin rings a bell? Former running mate, current real-life soap-opera star, and occasional governor of Alaska? Anything? No?

There are two possibilities for not mentioning her here: One is that McCain actually holds so little regard for the person he was ostensibly ready to entrust with the entire nation a few months ago that he doesn’t even see her as a potential party leader. Or, his time with her was so emotionally jarring and so unpleasant that he’s repressed his memory of her entirely, and is now blissfully unaware of her existence. Hmmm. Actually, could it be both?

Did McCain snub Palin on Leno? [Politicker/CNN]